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Arda has helped thousands of people awaken to their fullest potential and experience ultimate happiness.
As a former finance executive in Silicon Valley, Arda embarked on his own personal transformation journey when he was looking to heal his chronic health issues, including depression and anxiety. His quest for cure led him to a series of explorations in wellness practices and ancient studies. This journey awakened him to his calling to guide others out of their suffering and emotional pain toward a life full of joy, fulfillment and meaning.
Arda's teachings involve advanced self-empowerment methods using a combination of selected techniques from ancient and contemporary schools of spirituality, philosophy and psychology. 


The Art of Becoming Unstuck

Imagine life as a hot air balloon ride. You constantly aspire to go up to higher altitudes for a smooth, happy sailing. Yet each time you do, your sandbags pull you down to bumpy lower altitudes.

The Art of Becoming Unstuck takes you through consciousness to identify and release these sandbags, and rise above to realize your Ultimate Happiness.

Published May 2021

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The Seeker's Manual

Achieve your highest potential by exploring the system of life.

The Seeker's Manual explores how you can break your limiting life patterns and discover a unique path towards your highest potential through a systematic study of your own life experiences.

Published February 2014

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